The Watercolor Workshop in a Bag allows you to learn and paint at your pace and at your leisure.
The handy bag contains everything you need to get started:

Front           Back
FRONT OF BAG                                   BACK OF BAG


Paint a lovely mountain landscape with artist Karin Richter and learn how to mix colors,
do skies, mountains, trees and more in one easy to follow session!

All materials and simple instructions are included to start your journey in art:


Order a bag for yourself or give the gift of art to someone you know!

Price: $100 + shipping + tax
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Workshop in a Bag - Original Edition

NEW LESSON - Jan 7, 2016
Price: $20.00 + shipping + tax

The Watercolor Workshop in a Bag now has a second lesson.
For those artists who already have the bag with materials, this is a new subject matter:
A Garden Scene where garden and floral elements are introduced.

Workshop in a Bag - "Paint a Garden Scene" Edition

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