Feb 2023 - In their recent Winter issue, the Pastel Journal
published Karin's thoughts on how to critique your own work.

    Self Critique


 Watercolor - Workshop in a Bag #2

The Watercolor Workshop in a Bag now has a second lesson. For those artists who already have the bag with materials, this is a new subject matter: a Garden Scene where garden and floral elements are introduced.

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Art in Canada, a Canadian Art Marketing Website is now showcasing Karin's work. Check her gallery at

Karin is pleased to announce that after a successful run for the benefit of Ducks Unlimited Canada in 2014, she is now able to sell her limited edition artist-proof Lithographs of her pastel painting QUIET BAY. The image is 12" x 24".
Please contact Karin for more information.

Quiet Bay 

Quiet Bay