Forest Floor

 Forest Floor

Artist Statement

Being an artist is the best of lives! To get up in the morning and create in a free, unencumbered way is a privilege indeed! From early childhood, art has been a passion for me. Painting is the way I choose to express myself. The process of painting is forever interesting and exciting: the first flash of an idea, the research of a subject, and the struggle of how to commit it to paper or canvas!

I love the solitude of the act of painting: the surface waiting for the first brushstroke, the feeling of the paint moving across the paper or canvas and the anxiety of success or failure. Nature is full of fascinating things to paint. It provides perfect places to explore the brilliance of colour and changing light. As a painter I take advantage of the different textures, interesting angles and contrasting shapes to create my impression of what I see.

My hope is that through my artwork, I may touch people’s lives and give them joy.


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